I have been getting shirts from TSF for nearly a decade, and they awesome. Recently, I was in Thailand this January and had a chance to pick up a half dozen more shirts and two suits. The suits were spectacular. I’ve waited nearly a year to put this review in, because I wanted to make sure the suits and shirts continued to look great and they certainly do! I highly recommend TSF.

- Philp -

The service, quality of clothing and fit is the best I have ever had. I have never had a shirt or suit that fits better than the ones we ordered through TSF Bespoke Tailors! And best yet, the price is very fair and less than a of the other competitors. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for custom fit clothing! Thank you!

- Brian Leonard -

Great customer service and very good quality suits and blazers with many fabric options. Would highly recommend them for anyone looking for bespoke clothing -much more efficient than spending hours in stores trying to find what you want!

- Ryan Donahoe -

Absolutely amazing! I’ve purchased 4 suits and 12 shirts thus far and can’t wait for more. The fabric is amazing, cut is great, and they’re so incredibly nice! They’ll work with you if anything is slightly off. Areeyais amazing too. I highly recommend. I’ve never felt better in a suit or shirt.

- Justin Newberry -

After trying 2 or 3 horrible tailors I was getting sort of bummed out.. Then a Taxi said, Best in Thailand.. I said yeah sure, with disbelief.. to my excellent surprise.. This was where I should be on Earth. Perfect hosts, lavish selection of fabrics, outstanding people to work with. If I did not live on the other side of the plantetI would get all my cloths, there. Had 3 Suites made PERFECTLY! I LOVE THESE GUYS! BEST TAILORS EVER! Cheers n Love

- Bill Levin, Indianapolis IN USA -

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